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Bored with Facebook and social media?

Can’t find anything to watch on Netflix?

Sick of all the politics, fighting and hate in the world?

Does watching the news make you depressed?

Want to hit the pause button on the stresses of life and focus on your own mental health and happiness?

Want to have a deep, engaging, judgement-free conversation with someone?

Is any of this real?

We all crave human connection. This is true now more than ever—it can be so difficult to find genuine experiences when so many of us are glued to the screens in front of us. We are all so connected… but is any of it real? Often, we fear sharing our innermost, truest thoughts, afraid of judgment or what others are going to think of us.

But wouldn’t it be nice to be able to find that kind of real, actual connection? One where you were able to share your thoughts and feelings without any worry of judgment or having to censor your thoughts? In the past, this was something difficult or even impossible to find, as many people find it impossible to drop their preconceived prejudices and ideas.

We all want to feel free

Now, there is a new way to form safe, honest connections with people, delving into conversations about deeper topics that are a part of everyone’s life without needing to get past what someone may initially think of you or your position.

Want to talk about relationship issues?

Maybe your career progression?

Or maybe a philosophical question that you can’t get off your mind?

A new online platform

At Puzzled Pigeon, you can talk about all of these and more. We are proud to be able to present the people of the world with an online platform to carry out all of these deep conversations in a method that makes usage of the technological world that we live in. Anonymously connect and communicate with others, freeing you of your inhibitions and giving you everything you need to make deep realizations about yourself and the world around you. Take the biggest weakness of our society — our constant technological connections—and turn them into a strength with our online platform.

Now, Puzzled Pigeon will allow you can talk anonymously without any preconceived notions or fear of being judged.

Sign Up & Find out

What does this mean for you?

It means that you’ll be able to think of things that you have never considered and come to realizations that you had never dreamed of—all while in conversation with a real human being, something that can be hard to find in real life or through other platforms. Find out what other people are really thinking… on Puzzled Pigeon, there’s no reason or need to hold back how you feel. This will create a level of authenticity that we so often struggle to find in our day to day lives.

How Does It Work?

It's simple! Using six simple steps, you can become an invaluable part of this one-of-a-kind community.

Sign up with an alias, age, gender, location and interests.

Make a payment for credits/ postage.

Read a thought-provoking question to write an impeccable letter to a stranger.

Your letter gets sent to a similarly-interested stranger.

The stranger reads your letter and responds.

Continue the conversation back-and-forth for as long as you want, or end the conversation.

Why Puzzled Pigeon?

Puzzled Pigeon is here to provide the inspiration you need to develop as a person and as a thinker. Take some time to relax and immerse into your true-self.

Delve deep into the world around you and discover hidden truths through the thoughts of others. No more depending on so-called social media friends!

Allow your empathy to be nurtured through genuine, unfiltered contact. And most of all, see what it is like to reclaim that connection to other humans that so many of us have lost over the years.

No longer do you need to feel isolated from the world, trapped in your phone. You deserve a great life, jam packed with love and happiness.

Puzzled Pigeon is here to break down those barriers and free you for your mental and emotional journey.

If this sounds appealing to you, come and join Puzzled Pigeon. We want to be able to change your life and the lives of those you come in contact.

Grow wings to fly to a better world with Puzzled Pigeon and see what it means to soar!

Join right now and receive 15 credits for no cost.

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